Winter in the Okanagan

There's no better skiing than
in the mountains of
British Columbia, Canada

The average snowfall in the
Okanagan mountains is
approximately 600 cm (20 feet)
to 750 cm (24.5 feet) annually.

The average winter
temperature is -4 c (23 f).

Beware of the danger of
avalanches while in the
backwoods of the mountains.

The mountains of
British Columbia offer some
of the best winter sports
playgrounds in the world.

Ski Resorts maintain well groomed
trails and have experienced
personal employed in their company.

Never wonder off of the marked
trails, and tell someone where you
are going should you choose
to venture out.

Wild animals don't really "eat" you.
Well, Ok, they do, but we shouldn't
dwell on things like that.
It's also really hard to run in snow.

Apparently, when you ski, you go down
the mountain in a" back and forth,
from side to side" motion,
and not straight down.

There are no real "brakes" on skis.

Falling down while on skis is
not a good way to stop.

Winter in the Okanagan

Winter Sports is great!
Just remember that you
are in the mountains of
British Columbia. In some
cases civilization is scarce.

In the mountains of
British Columbia you will find
steep cliffs with no guard rails
and no warnings. If you wonder
off a trail you could very easily
find yourself lost in the
backwoods. Always take
proper precautions and obey
the resort's rules.

In the mountains a snowstorm can
instantly appear without warning,
with whiteout blizzard conditions,
and be gone as quickly as it came.
Be prepared.

Plenty of wild animals such as
cougar, bear, moose, caribou,
mountain goats, and elk.

Things to avoid - driving too fast
and sliding off of a 140' cliff.
Watch out for black Ice.

You will find that more and more
people are wearing helmets
and protective wear while
downhill skiing and snow boarding.
Note: It doesn't matter how
fast you go down the mountain.
Trees don't move.

The Ski Hill with the most
Vertical Drop would be
Apex Mountain Ski Resort.
Good luck.

Winter in the Okanagan

The Winter in the Okanagan Video was produced by
Golchuk Digital Media for Okanagan