Spring in the Okanagan
British Columbia, Canada

Every fruit orchard throughout the Okanagan valley will produce fields
of blossoms of various colours.

Luscious green fields and pastures, offset by the dark green forests
on the mountain sides set a
wonderful contrast to the
blue skies and spring storms
which blow through the valley.

An ever-changing scenic view.

The springtime temperature
is a nice dry average between
18 to 22 degrees Celsius.

I mention the distinction between
the seasons because the change is
dramatic from Spring to Summer.

The average August temperature
in the Okanagan is a dry
34 to 36 degrees Celsius.

Hot enough to turn anything
flowering green to a dead
brown in a matter of hours.

The Orchards of the Okanagan
use irrigation water pumped
from Okanagan Lake to survive.

That's allot of water.

Spring in the Okanagan
British Columbia, Canada
The lakes won't turn to that
beautiful blue colour until
the summer heat arrives.

Everything that was brown
from winter turns to green.

Mountainsides of green
with patterns of purple, pink
and white blossom orchards
through out the valley.

Snow capped mountains.

Spring skiing is said to be the
best time to ski by some people.

Warm breeze, thick snow pack,
and lots of sunshine to
cruise down the slopes.

This time of year is excellent
for Mountain scenic shots
and camera work.

Okanagan in Spring.

Spring in the Okanagan

The Spring in the Okanagan Video was produced by
Golchuk Digital Media for Okanagan Attractions.ca