Polson Park
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Polson Park is open to the
public at no charge from
seven days a week
in July and August.

Open on weekends in June.

Specific areas of the park can be
reserved for your special event
such as weddings, social
gatherings and concerts.

Call 545-6035 to reserve.

Polson Park
Home of the
Okanagan Science Centre,
and the Ogopogo Mura

Polson Park
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Take a leisurely walk and
see the beautiful Floral
Clock, Japanese Garden,
Chinese Pagoda, Rose Garden
and two ponds in the park
which support an
abundance of waterfowl.

Polson Park is also home to
the Lawn Bowling Club, the
Interior Space and Science
Centre, the Arts Council
and Vernon Heritage Hall.

Enjoy the water spray
playground which is very
popular with children
of all ages.

A large wheelchair accessible
playground is located
adjacent to the water park.

The park also supports two
tennis courts, a running
track and a skateboard park.

A very pretty park with
lots of shade trees to
relax and picnic under on
a hot sunny Okanagan day.

Polson Park Vernon

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