Legend of Ogopogo
The Okanagan's

Ogopogo is the name given to
sea serpent that lives in
Okanagan Lake.

As you travel throughout the
Okanagan Valley, you will see
various plaques, paintings, statues,
tribute to, and claims of seeing
the elusive Ogopogo.

Both the drunk and the Sober
lay claim to seeing Ogopogo.

Many business are named
after the Ogopogo.

No one has ever clearly filmed
the sea monster nor has
anyone ever captured it,
with the exception of a few
blurry pictures and testimonials
from eye witnesses, there
isn't any real proof the
Ogopogo actually exists..

These days, with digital special
effects you can't really tell
what is truth or fiction if someone
were to lay claim to a viewing - even if
they had the footage to prove it.

Legend of Ogopogo

The Okanagan Lake is one of
British Columbia's longest and
deepest lakes. It is glacier fed
and no one really knows how far
the underwater caverns and
waterways go or lead to, nor do
we know what lives in its depths.

An ancient dinosaur
living in Lake Okanagan?
Although they did find the
complete remains of a fossilized
plesiosaurus farther to the north.
But these are dinosaurs and they
should have been extinct
along time ago.

The fossil was found near
a fresh water lake.

It's strange to have so much hype about something that doesn't exist.

An Okanagan Myth.

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