Myra Canyon
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Myra canyon is located in
Myra-Belleview Provincial Park,
west of Okanagan Mountain
Provincial Park.

Myra Canyon was part
of the Kettle Valley Railway
which became victim to the
2003 Okanagan Mountain Firestorm
which destroyed the railway
track and its Tressels.

Today Myra Canyon has been
transformed into a 24 kilometer
walking trail.

Be sure to bring water with you
as there is none along the trail.

Myra Canyon
Kelowna, BC.

Myra Canyon
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

The burned railway track
was replaced with a walkway
and the 17 train Tressels
and tunnels have been
rebuilt and restored.

Here you can view
first-hand the aftermath
of the firestorm, noticing
how some areas are burned
and scorched while adjacent
land remains unscathed,
dependent upon which
way the wind
was blowing at the
time of the fire.

Marvel at man’s ingenuity and
determination of the early
1900’s as you walk the Tressels
crossing over the rock cliffs
and valleys.

A beautiful trail to walk,or bicycle,
Motorized vehicles are not allowed
due to the high volume of people on the walkways.

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Myra Canyon Kelowna

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