Welcome to Kelowna
British Columbia Canada

Located in the heart
of the Okanagan valley.

Kelowna is the largest
of the Okanagan cities
with its downtown core
located near the shores
of Okanagan Lake.

Plenty of sandy beachfront,
beautifully designed parkland,
with winding paved pathways,
Kelowna’s waterfront merges
resort living with the
city’s downtown lifestyle.

The new William R. Bennett
Bridge is now complete
offering 5 lanes of traffic
to cross Okanagan Lake.

Kelowna, a great place to visit.

Welcome to Kelowna
British Columbia, Canada

Places of Interest:

Knox Mountain Regional Park
has a fantastic overall view of
Kelowna, and Okanagan Lake.

Okanagan Mountain Provincial
Park was the scene of a
devasting forest fire in 2003.
The firestorm consumed 250
square kilometers of land
(61,000 acres) and
239 homes were lost.
Okanagan Mountain Provincial
Park is now open to the public.

The Kettle Valley Railroad
is open to the public for
hiking and mountain biking.


The Kelowna Video was produced by
Golchuk Digital Media for Okanagan Attractions.ca